Mendoza: Parados

Founder, Tomas Machado’s family ancestor Don Manuel de Villefane began making wine in Argentina in the year 1611, which gives us nearly 400 years of wine making experience here in the heart of South America. This impressive winery represents his ‘Legacy’ or ‘Legado’ (in Spanish), and we are proud to honor his memory with these fine wines of Maipu, Mendoza.

The Parados line from Don Mañuel Villafañe is made differently than the other two offerings from the winery, Legado and Don Mañuel Villafañe. This line is intended to be a little easier-drinking and more of an everyday wine of high quality. We offer Chardonnay, Cabernet, Malbec, each made from 100% of the varietal, and the Winemaker’s Select Red, made from 40% each Sangiovese and Tempranillo with 20% Malbec. The reds are characterized by lively fruit aromas, supple texture on the palate, and a smooth, long finish without the use of oak. The Chardonnay is also un-oaked, with a lemony and lime-blossom character on the nose, a fruit-driven and minerally mid-palate and clean finish, somewhat reminiscent of a Mâcon Blanc from France.

  • Malbec

    Malbec is the backbone of the Argentine wine industry for a good reason, it is fantastic! the grape that came from Cahors near Bordeaux has found its perfect home in Argentina, and more specifically in Mendoza where these are grown. This is an absolutely superb example of how good this wine can be at an affordable level. the wines dense red color gives a full and rich fruit nose of wild berries and black currant. the mouth is lush and full leading to a very well balanced and long finish…the true mark of a great Malbec.

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    • Winemaker's Select Red

      This wine is comprised of a special blend of three different red wine grapes that we have found fit magnificently together. We use 40% of Sangiovese (the Italian grape of Chianti), 40% of Tempranillo (the rich and earthy red of Spanish Riojas), and 20% of Malbec (the most famous red grape of Argentina) to make a wine that tastes comparable or better than much more expensive red wines. The Sangiovese adds the lovely red fruit, the Tempranillo adds earthy and rich notes, and the Malbec gives the wine its depth of fruit and body. A very impressive red wine for a normal price..

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      • Chardonnay

        This lovely chardonnay comes from the rocky soil of the uco valley at an elevation of 1200 meters. This is the perfect combination of minerals for the soil and the warm day/cool night scenario that produces a chardonnay of this beautiful character. lush fruit notes of pear and apple lead to a round feel in the mouth and the perfect amount of mineral in the finish to complete the wine. This wine sees oak barrels for only one month to add texture and roundness, but keep the clean fruit and mineral expression of the wine.

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        • Cabernet Sauvignon

          The cabernet sauvignon grapes for this wine are grown in the renowned and rocky soil of Maipu, Mendoza…at the base of the Andes range. The aromas in the glass are pure cabernet fruit from the start ,with deep flavors of both red and black fruits. a touch of wood from 2 months in barrel simply adds an elegant structure to the wine, while keeping the quality and power of the fruit up front. A truly spectacular Cabernet for the price.

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