Bordeaux White: White Bordeaux

The Bordeaux Blanc appellation covers all three growing areas, Médoc/Left Bank of the Garonne, Entre-Deux-Mers (although this term is used optionally only for white Bordeaux of this area), and the Dordogne/Right Bank, with the most whites coming from southern Médoc and Entre-Deux-Mers. Depending on the locale, the Bordeaux appellation can have any of these typical soil types: clayey-limestone (right bank near Libourne and Entre-Deux-Mers; siliceous soils with clay and calcareous elements; palus or marshy lands that are alluvial soil, rich, deep and heavy, found also in valleys; ‘graves’ soil made up of gravel, rolled quartz, and large grain soil (an excellent soil); and ‘boulbènes’, a soil made up of extremely fine siliceous elements that make a tight, beaten earth (not ideal soil). In general, it is not allowed since 1995 to use a varietal name on the main label for Bordeaux appellation wines, with the exception being the use of ‘sauvignon’ for whites as long as the letters are printed in smaller type, but in the same style and color as the appellation. These whites are marked by aromas of citrus and their flowers, often of grapefruit, with a stony, mineral body and vibrant acidity. The amount of body and mid-palate texture depends on the soil, more gravely typically yields lighter body and more aromatics, more clay and or limestone adds more mouth-feel as do higher percentages of Semillon and/or Muscadelle. These wines are notable for their exceptional balance and length.

  • Mission St. Vincent

    This twelfth century Mission, which today houses a modern winery, is renowned throughout Bordeaux for its white wine. Sauvignon Blanc grapes, picked at perfect ripeness and carefully selected for their flowery aroma, are blended with a 30% portion of later picked and heavier Semillon grapes to create this award winning wine. The result is a grapefruit, citrus-flower, and peach fragrance, round middle with great balance, and a crisp, clean finish.

    Mission St. Vincent Bordeaux is the perfect choice before dinner, or served with shellfish, fish, poultry or lighter fare. Many of our customers who appreciate the New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs find this quite appealing, and at a better price point! Bon Appétit!

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    • Chateau Croix des Gentils

      This wine comes from the Entre-Deux-Mers area between the left and right banks of the Bordeaux appellation, in the village of Pellegrue, about thirty-five miles southeast of Saint-Émilion on the left bank of the Dordogne River. This area is quite hilly, and the surface soil is also a hard-packed sandy/clay soil that is known locally as ‘boulbènes’ or ‘bouvées’. This soil is hard to work, and requires a special root-stock accustomed to this type of earth. The sub-soil is more diverse and gives the wine some excellent complexity and richness.

      M. Jean Noël Antoniol has a property of close to 40 acres planted. This wine is made up of 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Semillon. The subsoil is what gives this wine its complexity, as the topsoil is a kind of hard-pack that requires special rootstock. The wine has an aromatic nose of citrus, honey, and white-blossomed flowers. On the palate, it has fresh bright fruit flavors, with hints of white peach, a lovely texture from the minerality and a long citrusy finish that is refreshing. Serve with seafood, fish with cream sauce, chicken with lemon and herbs, seafood pastas. A great value from Bordeaux.

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      • Chateau Haut Jean Guillon

        This property is located on the Gironde side of the Entre-Deux Mers region where you can chose the Entre-Deux-Mers appellation or Bordeaux appellation. This part of the region is hilly with small slopes that are made of clayey limestone soils with excellent drainage. Here the grapes are rushed to the winery and slightly crushed before being subjected to cold temperatures in the vat to preserve the fresh fruit flavors.

        Château Haut Jeanguillon is made of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and a touch of Muscadelle to yield nice grapefruity-citrus aromas and flavors with a minerally character on the palate. It is much rounder than most in this price range, with a long, very balanced finish. Perfect for sipping or to chase down some summer (or winter) shellfish or seafood.

        An amazing value, this wine is the right choice for those who are impressed with the New Zealand style sauvignon, but want a reasonably-priced alternative for everyday drinking.

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