French Wines: Burgundy White

Burgundy’s reputation dates from the Middle Ages when the monks were the stewards of the vineyards and wines. Over the centuries, The Dukes of Burgundy were important personages who introduced many to the wines of their heritage. However, it was during the 18th Century when all of the factors came together to give the region the importance it now is attributed. Viticulture and wine-making made great strides during this period. This combined with lessons learned over several generations by the true artisans of the region produced some of the most memorable vintages that people could remember. Pinot Noir was now well established as the red grape of Burgundy, and Chardonnay was sole king of the Burgundy whites. The reds show a lighter color and density than Bordeaux or Cabernets, but can exceed them in complexity, finesse and longevity. The Chardonnays, especially the Grands Crus, show a complexity that can compete with a red wine with an exceptionally long, lingering finish that is truly memorable. For those who travel to Burgundy and taste some of the best it has to offer, never leave, they just are enjoying their Burgundy in a different place.