Loire Valley:Domaine Dominique Pabiot

Located along the banks of the Loire River some 200-km south of Paris, this domaine is just north of Pouilly-sur-Loire and produces some of the finest Sauvignon Blanc in the Loire Valley. We are proud to represent their 'les Champs aux Moines' in the US. The term 'champs aux moines' means the fields of the monks.

  • Pouilly Fume

    The white wine of Pouilly-Fumé, also known as ‘Blanc Fumé de Pouilly’, is produced from vineyards on the right bank of the Loire River opposite Sancerre in and around the village of Pouilly-sur-Loire. The Sauvignon Blanc grape is known locally as ‘Blanc Fumé’, and is the exclusive grape in this appellation. The wine often has a greenish tinge when young, with aromas of red and blackcurrants. The ‘smokiness’ of the grape is from the slightly musky aroma that the wine often has. It can be a bit too tart to drink the year after the vintage, so many tend to drink them two to 5 years after the vintage, with the wine softening a little more each year. Excellent with fish, white meats or as an aperitif.

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