Loire Valley:Bernard Reverdy

The ancient Reverdy family has cultivated vines and produced wine since 1550. Made exclusively from Sauvignon Blanc, this Sancerre exhibits a pale yellow body with a fresh fruit aroma and bouquet. The fruit for this wine is obtained from two very differently situated vineyards. The first vineyard, Les Caillottes, located on small hills near Verdigny, yields fruit that is harvested young and affords wine that is aromatic, bright, and elegant. The second vineyard (Les Terres Blanches on Grosses Terres, near Chavignol) is located to the west of Sancerre on much larger hills, lies in chalky soil and yields fruit which is rounder and richer with significantly more structure.

  • Sancerre

    The vineyards in Sancerre, planted to Sauvignon Blanc for white and Pinot Noir for red, are on the left bank of the Loire River directly opposite from Pouilly-sur-Loire (from where Pouilly-Fumé comes). There are three types of soils in Sancerre and each gives a different character to the wine. The chalky soils on the steep slopes near Chavignol and Verdigny to the west give wines that are firm and elegant, with richness and longevity. The stony soil on the lower slopes of the environs of the village of Bué (southwest of Sancerre) yield wines aromatic fruity wines which should be consumed while still young. The clay soil on a chalk base around the village of Ménétréol (south) produces a wine that is not quite as fruity as the Bué wines or as firm as the Chavignol, but they are somewhat softer with an elegant aromatic character. Remember to have Sancerre with the marvelous crottin de Chavignol (or your favorite) goat cheese.

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