Italian Wines: Terre di Valgrande

The wine company Terre di Valgrande was established in 2006 by a great wine lover, Matteo Zandonella Sarinuto. He founded Terre di Valgrande in Verona, a city surrounded by valleys unrivalled for the production of high quality wine, with products of excellence such as the Amarone della Valpolicella. This wine is the gemstone of the company. They select the best grapes Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara of Valpantena and Valpolicella directly purchased from farmers, to join them together at the “fruttaio”. Only after at least 100 days of rest, the grapes are then vinified under the care of the cellar master. There the wine is also matured and bottled. Besides the Amarone, they produce Valpolicella, Valpolicella Ripasso, white wines, and an excellent Prosecco DOC. At Mareno di Piave, in the famous and fertile territory of Treviso, we select the best grapes to guarantee excellence to our customers.

Matteo was born in the unique area of the Dolomiti. He has always loved and respected nature and cultivated his passions between the mountains and vineyards. He dedicates himself to his passion and has a specialization in oenology. With his passion, experience, and knowledge gained in the field, he constantly searches for best practices in the vineyard, winery and cellar.

Wines of Piedmont

With 46 different DOC and four DOCG areas, Piedmont is the region that produces the largest number of best known, noble, and world-appreciated prize-winning wines, such as Barolo, Nebbiolo and Moscato d’Asti. The main grape grown here is the distinguished Nebbiolo, which is the base for the famed Barolo. Its name derives from the word nebbia, or fog, because of a velvety, whitish coating over the grape skins. Their production is focused on the Moscato and Nebbiolo varieties. It is their special attention and care of the vineyards that guarantees the quality of the wines offered to their customers.

Wines of Puglia

Puglia (also spelled Apulia) is the ‘heel’ of the ‘boot’ that is called Italy. The northern end of the region is a hilly, coastal terrain above a line drawn between Taranto and Brindisi. Below those two cities, one on each coast, it has a relatively flat terrain that is surrounded by water by three sides. This region is prolific in production (the region often produces more wine than Sicily or Germany), has 24 DOCs, but produces less than 2 % of DOC wines. Although the heat can be oppressive here, there is a constant ocean breeze that plays between the Adriatic and Ionian seas.

Wines of Veneto

The history of Venetian wine has special roots. In the Middle Ages they drank wine from every province in the Veneto, each with its typicity. In the hilly zone near Verona there are some excellent wines, some lighter, some richer, with real character. A very small portion of the district's production is represented by the spicy and rich Amarone, a wine partially made of dried grapes that are re-fermented with Valpolicella. This is a specialty of Verona, and can be a great wine that can last for decades. The eastern part of this beautiful region is mostly know for the famous PROSECCO. The province of Treviso, where the Prosecco is made, is one of the great Italian regions of wine production and history. Two of the local varieties, Prosecco and Raboso, have been cultivated in this area for over 3200 years, yet are not indigenous. The Prosecco and Raboso came from more ancient areas of vine cultivating and winemaking: Armenia and Georgia in Western Asia.

Wines of Tuscany

The area between the Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea is one of the most beautiful and best preserved landscapes in Europe. A 120 mile carpet of hills stretches between its northern and southern boundaries, threaded with winding streams, dotted with medieval villages, and covered with oak forests. Vineyards are found almost everywhere, though there are few contiguous growing areas. One third of Tuscany falls into the wine district of Chianti. Well-made examples of Chianti often have the potential to age and improve in the bottle for six to twenty years.

  • Pinot Grigio IGT Veneto

    A great traditional wine of the Veneto. Distinguished by a pale-yellow color with green tints, this wine has an expressive nose of apple, tropical fruit and orange zest. On the palate the same flavors dominate with some minerality evident on the mid-palate and on the finish, which is delightfully crisp and balanced. Perfect for hors d’oeuvres, fish, shellfish, and pasta with clam or shrimp.

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    • Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

      This popular Prosecco shows a fine and persistent bubble and has an intense and elegant fragrance, with hints of fresh fruit and honey. On the palate, it shows freshness and softness, vibrancy and smoothness, flavor and sweetness, all backed by a creamy finish. This extra dry version expresses the pretty fruit of the wine more than most.

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      • Valpolicella DOC

        Bright ruby color, this wine shows a typical fruity aroma with notes of cherry, leather and a touch of spice. It is medium bodied with supple tannins, and shows wonderful balancing freshness that makes it a perfect companion to pasta, cold cuts and soft to firm cheeses. Typically it is consumed within 2-3 years after the vintage, but can age a few more years.

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        • Chianti DOCG

          Among the most famous Italian red wines in the world, its bouquet reminiscent of violets, the taste is delightfully elegant. Its color is ruby red when young yielding to brick red when well-aged. Chianti will give the most benefit when married with the right foods. Drink with wild hare, Florentine steak, the roast lamb, grilled meat when aged, and with pasta and beans, tripe, poultry and cheese when young. Deep ruby red color, red fruit and leather aromas with hints of violet, lovely mid-palate texture with an elegant flavor profile and lingering finish.

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          • Amarone della Valpolicella DOC

            Produced in small quantities with a traditional method and characterized by a careful selection of grapes and drying them, before adding these dried grapes to already fermenting Valpolicella. Then the fermentation process starts anew, with much more concentration of the superbly ripe grape flavors, tannins, and aromas. Once the fermentation is complete, the wine is then aged in barrel for a minimum of 2 years. Rich in alcohol, glycerin, and structure, this powerful wine is very expressive in its fruit and spice. Few wines can reach the ample richness and balance of this Amarone, which can age for over 2 decades. Deep garnet in color is characterized by rich aromas of walnuts, currant jam, with an exceptionally velvety and generous body.

            Silver medal Decanter World Wine Awards
            Our Amarone della Valpolicella has been judged by the world's best wine professionals in the most comprehensive and authoritative wine competition in the world, and has been awarded.

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            • Barolo DOCG

              A great wine that is velvety delicately scented with hints of red and purple fruits, and of great aromatic complexity. Flavors of ripe, bright red fruit, leather, spice, and oak show up on the palate, and it finishes with firm tannins that are well-integrated. Although it can be appreciated after a few months after bottling, it will continue to improve and develop its elegance for 10 - 15 years.

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              • Primitivo

                Primitivo originates here in Puglia (related to the Zinfandel grown in California) grows in areas affected by hot weather yet tempered by sea breezes. The color is deep ruby red with slight purple hue; this wine expresses very good ripeness with balanced flavor, soft yet good acidity, and ample tannic structure. It shows red fruits like cherry jam, raspberry and blackberry. Excellent with all Mediterranean cuisine, is perfect with strongly flavored roasted meats, spicy cold cuts and cheeses.

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